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Corona, On viruses and Immunity

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Dr. Ayşegül Çoruhlu

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On Viruses and Immunity.

Our systems, which we call the immune system, protect the body against external agents, like a well-armed army.
It has many branches (let’s say corps). It is the fight against viruses that we will consider here.

Viruses entry way and general features of viruses:

Viruses enter the body through the mucous membranes. How can we strengthen the mucosa when they have not yet entered through the mucosa? I explained this in my previous post. Now we will focus on the defense after entering.

İşte ilk ayrımı burada yapmalıyız.

The first thing to know about viruses is;

  • They need a living cell to live.
  • The second thing to know is that they are “intracellular” intracellular agents.
  • Antikorlar ile olur (aşı ile yapılmak istenen budur)

What do Intracellular Means?

The name is that the first fight against the virus is “inside the cell”.

Are there immune issues called intracellular and extracellular?


Here we have to make the first distinction here. We should focus on intracellular defense. Because;

Immune protection that is extracellular;

  • It takes time (no time)
  • Requires a fixed virus structure (virus is constantly changing)
  • It happens with antibodies (this is what you want to do with a vaccine)

But let me say this: With the large amount of antibodies against a virus, it does not indicate the amount of the virus inside the cell.


Antibody is made only against extracellular agents. When the virus, bacteria or fungus, parasite circulate in the blood.  The issue here is that the virus is inside the cell and the importance of the first defense there.   Let’s open the section up here a little medically.

T lymphocytes and anti viral defense:

We have T cells in immunity. We also have B cells.  T cells are named after the thymus.  The immune organ behind that breastbone. The organ whose function decreases gradually while being very active in childhood. Here is the letter T in our subject, the letter T comes from there.

(NOTE-While crying in sad times in Anatolia, people  hits their chests with their fists.

  • It is as if it is like to nudge the thymus that produces the immune cell under that place by vibration.  )  Yes, the part of these T lymphocytes that interest us T helper (helper T cells).
  • These T helpers are of two types: Th1 and Th2.
  • Here is a powerful Th1 System we need.

Because Th1 is in charge of INTRACELLULAR DEFENSE.

 POWERFULL Th1: is the most necessary thing for the virus.

Th1 defense is as follows: When the virus enters the cell, it is desirable for the MACROPHAGE to eat and destroy these viruses.

Phage means ‘TO EAT’.

Macrophages are the first line of defense against the virus.

What macrophage does is produce a gas called NITRIC OXIDE, which is written as NO. Produced from the amino acid of L-Arginine.  Macrophages produce NO if there is an intracellular intruder in the middle.


To say no to an intracellular agent starts with NO.

NO does this: This is gas. Together with the oxygen we breathe NO gas produces FREE RADICALS.

For virus defense, Here is the ARMS = FREE RADICALS .

Without going into detail here, these free radicals;

  • Superoxide
  • Hydrogen peroxite called H2O2
  • They have names like peroxynitritis etc.

But these chemicals are actually similar to the cleaners we use, such as oxygenated water, bleach, etc. Viruses are attacked with these and viruses die.

(NOTE: In the phase of eradication of these viruses, these items can also attack ourselves after the prolonged attack of the virus, (like in corona defense).

When it attacks to ‘self’ ??The answer is:  When the XXXX store is finished. I’ll tell you what that store is.)

So far We understood this free radical-mediated killing of the virus inside the cell. But if there are too many viruses or many viruses enter or multiply at the same time, how long can this war continue?

After free radicals are used as combat weapons and after the virus is killed, the cell interior (war zone) must be cleaned.  This cleansing is made by the antioxidant system inside the cell. We always hear these expressions, right?  If the power of antioxidant cleansing is not enough to clean virus war zone, then free radicals are now a threat to the cell itself. Free radical, as its name, is free and radical. It attacks whatever comes before it. (Until they are neutralized. That is, until it comes to the antioxidant that destroys it.)  In the case where the antioxidants are exhausted, there are two options for the cell when the attack is on the cell itself:Actually, there is only one option, how does the cell die and in what way does it die ???

  1. Apoptosis: Death that makes us live
  2. Necrosis: Death that killed us

Apoptosis; It means planned organized cell suicide. Cells commit suicide if they do not benefit the whole in adverse situations that happen to them. For apoptosis, cell needs a ‘time’ to plan. The cell should still be able to work to make that plan. Since apoptosis is circadian, you must be live in accordance with this cycle. (Apoptosis is most common at night, during sleep, by hunger. It means that old cells are renewed and used as spare parts.)

The infected cell may not have time to become Apoptosis. WHY? If the war is fierce because the virus load is high.

  • Both guns are running out gradually … (NO nitric oxide)
  • Both battlefield cleaner (antioxidants) are decreasing.
  • Then there is a total failure, that is the cell suffers from necrosis.

In fact, the issue with the virus in the lung is actually necrosis.throughout the body. Respiratory support is tried to be provided to patients in intensive care with a ventilator.

If the situation is both the lack of weapons and the lack of war surplus cleaning, how can we approach the solution now?   Weapon: NITROGEN radicals, called NOS, produced from NO, and oxygen-free radicals, called ROS.  Cleaning is with antioxidants.  What are these antioxidants?   Now we need to understand this part well!!

  • Free radicals called NOS, which are produced from NO products, cause nitrosative stress. You have ever heard of Oxitative stress. This covers all of them in general terms. But we should talk more about NIRTOSATIVE STRESS in the fight against viruses.
  • Virus entered the cell.
  • Macrophages saw this.
  • Synthesized NO from Arginine * NOS radicals made from NO.
  • Virus killed.  *There is a cleaning pool that is used to remove the leftover , NOS residue !!!!!!!!!!!!!  it is:
  • There is a cleaning pool that is used to remove the leftover , NOS residue !!!!!!!!!!!!!  it is:

Thiol pool = thiol pool = cleaning pool

What we call thiols are SULFURED compounds.   Here is the essence of how the virus can damage tissue (here, in the lung) enough to cause necrosis: It is the depletion of the thiol pool!  

You will recognize these sulfurous compounds, which we call thiols. We already know them as antioxidants.

Some of them are:

  • Selenium
  • Glutathione
  • Cysteine
  • Acetylcysteine
  • AME
  • TMG
  • MSM

You even listened to herbal versions of them:

  • Garlic
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • White cabbage etc etc

There are even sulfur pools. It is entered for health. Rotten egg, , is fragrant. It is lush. There is a bit of soap, for example, it is called sulphurous soap.

We more or less understood what sulfur is, right?  All these sulfurous compounds make up the pool of thiol. The thiol pool is the cleaners to clear the war surplus in the virus war.

It is easy to understand that our Tiol pool should be filled so far.  If the thiol pool is insufficient, the battlefield will collapse with necrosis.

Before we talk about how to increase thiols, let’s look at what reduces our pool of thiol outside of the virus.

Processed meats consume the thiol pool.  

What is processed meat? Meats that have stopped bacteria growth by putting nitrites in them. Salami sausage etc. all. Smoked, those that are dried.

(Let’s open a note like this. This was the NO we mentioned, these NITRITE and NITRAT statements are related to it. These are N, nitrogen compounds. Those that cause NITROSATIVE stress when they increase. NITRITE, which is the unwanted type in industrial products and the other one is the good version of plants, Nitrate. We don’t want synthetic nitrite .

If you remember the expression of nitrosamine, it is known as a carcinogen. There is burnt processed meats. As we take this type of food, our body spends their sulphur antioxidants (to clean these nitrites) from the sulfur pool, namely the thiol pool, for nitrosamines to protect us. So: Processed meats cut our thiol pool to no avail.

Where else do we get these NO residues, that is, NOS’s, that nitrogen-containing compound?

  • Air pollution … as in Wuhan
  • Dirty city water *Cigaret *Chemical waste
  • Non-organic fertilizers (Nitrite fertilizer is added so that plants grow quickly)

Let’s open a footnote for plants: Plants already use nitrogen. They take it from the nitrogen gas with the letter N in the air and use it. When the plant decays, the bacteria in the soil work again to give it to the air. This is called the nitrogen cycle. It is the essence of life. There is more nitrogen than oxygen in the atmosphere. But we don’t want the synthetic one ..)

  • Medicines etc. are also effective, they consume this pool, but if it is necessary, it should be used. It may be emphasized that perhaps unnecessary pain relief should not be used.
  • When it comes to medication, erection supports work on NO. Since NO is a vasodilator, these drugs synthetically increase NO. When  NO is increased for this purpose, antioxidant will be spent from the thiol pool for the cleaning of nitrite residues.

So how do we increase this pool of thiol ourselves?

  1. Sulfur plants, starting with garlic, broccoli etc. Check google.  Plants that will increase
  2. İncrase NO naturally: Beginning with beetroot, all purple and dark green leafy plants. (Note: NO required as a weapon, necessary for cleaning of sulfur.)Other supports that increase the Thiol pool:

Cysteine containin moleculs :

  • NAC, SAME, Glutathione, selenium, TMG, MSM)
  • Other elements of antioxidant defense;
  • Vitamin C: I should write a separate article for vitamin c. It should be used with divided doses at 3 hour intervals. Its place in antiviral defense will gradually increase worldwide.
  • There are vitamin D receptors on the surface of intracellular defense lymphocytes, which we call Vitamin D. Th1. Vitamin D is necessary for their correct work.
  • Berry: All of the purple ones. Elderberry, beet, cranberry, purple cabbage, radish, blueberry, … all.
  • SOD, Catalase … Antioxidant enzymes -Ozone support (Although it is anti-viral by producing H202, it may reduce the thiol pool and ask a medical doctor. Research on this subject is insufficient.)
  • Prebiotics with Probiotics: I would like to write a review on this issue.

Let’s not forget that our intestines have a fermentation tank. Just like the nitrogen cycle of plants, we have a cycle. Just as bacteria in the soil process nitrogenous compounds from the plant, it makes harmless nitrogenous compounds in our bacteria. It converts the nitrites that come with the processed meat, etc., to nitrates. Nitrate is harmless.

What did we understand here? We make the nitrites we take from food or air pollution or water or cigarettes or synthetic fertilizer foods harmless with good bacteria. Thus, we protect our thiol pool.

Think about it already, what exactly happens with bowel diseases? Locally there is necrosis (I use necrosis as the opposite of apoptosis. Local inflammation) So we are talking about leaky gut. While good bacteria can help us in many ways, they also protect our thiol pool.(Read the previous article to understand how good bacteria protect all mucous membranes, including intestinal and lung, by biturate from plant fibers.)

  • Spriluna, colostrum, beta carotene, beta glucan, propolis, artagalus, and many more embroideries can be mentioned. I will not go into details.

Zinc: Zinc support is required for tissue stability in all mucousal leaks. We use zinc to increase wound healing. Zinc support is also significant for the lung healing.

Let’s add a footnote here: Covid19 is the entry point into the cell, the cofactor in the enzyme called ACE2 receptor and its cofactor is zinc. If zinc is effective by binding to this enzyme, it may reduce virus binding.  (There are not enough medical publications for this information. I wrote as an idea) When it came to ACE2, I found that one of the substances that stabilize this enzyme is LIZOSYM. Lysozyme is an enzyme that protects the eye in our tears from bacterial virus. I looked at where there is in the food, I saw that there is a lot in egg white. Maybe I can write here, put raw egg white on the nose and skin wounds. It is just a idea. I do not share literature information, but as long as I maintain the principle of ‘do no harm’, I share the algorithms in my mind with you.

I know that as soon as this post comes out, the subject will be handled in this regard both in our country and abroad. I’m not saying it is because of me here. Archetypically, events always develop like this. Like this, if a monkey in Africa learns to water and clean the dirty banana befor he eats,  monkeys from other continents start it simultaneously. I guess not as they see each other but as a strange

  • Spooky quantum phenomenon.

In summary now; 

  • Th1 defense must be strong.  (Th1/Th2 ratio can be measured in laboratories. But it is no use test, and may not necersary. The subject can be exaggerated after this article. that test is not important)
  • Th1 defense should be cleared of NOS generated from NO used for virus removal. For cleaning;
  • NOS residues remove sulfurous compounds in the thiol pool.
  • If the virus is abundant and the thiol pool is reduced for other reasons, the cell will get sick.
  • (NOTE: Aging, that is, aging itself is a thiol reduction)
  • If apoptosis happens, there will not be a problem, if there is necrosis, the organ will collapse.

Another self-protection mechanism is that if there is a lot of cell damage, the body completely stops Th1 and shifts to the Th2 side. This is a different matter. The tip is connected to cancer, allergy, etc.

  • İncrease NO with natural nutrition.
  • Nutrition to reduce unwanted nitrosamine.
  • Nutrition to increase the thiol pool and sulfur.
  • And the required supports are listed.

Before I finish, I would like to add the importance of stress. What does it mean to reduce stress?

Cortisol, the stress hormone, suppresses Th1 defense. When the Circadian of cortisol makes it  high in the morning, your Th1 system becomes 100% less powerfull than at night.

If cortisol is present, Th1 will not work. If Th1 does not work,

‘intracellular‘ viruses, herpes, etc. will multiply.

Let’s finish with the joke that our stress decreases: This means that during the hours when the cortisol is high and Th1 defense is low, we will not hang out, hug , kiss with our loved ones to avoid virus infection.

We should meet them in the afternoon. If you hug and kiss your friends, kiss in the afternoon.

Recall that the lights of the electronics release cortisol at night. Kiss near by candlelight … I kiss you all….